…The Glory of Children

My children have a father who has always shown overwhelming love for his kids.  He literally would well up while holding his first born child for at least 6 mos after she was born.    He still tears up with pride and joy over each of his kids for every minor or major accomplishment in their lives. His heart literally pours unconditional love for all his children. Having grown up in a single parent household with only a mother, I never experienced that masculine, strong, stable, influence of a truly devoted father.   

However, I often reflect on God our Father and His love for each of us. The righteous and the unrighteous, the strong and the weak, the beautiful and the less than beautiful by the world’s standards. The intelligent and the simple minded.  Female, male, and those who question their gender.  The whole physical person and the maimed physical person. The young, old and those who are capable of loving and those so destroyed by circumstances they cannot love.

I wonder if He tears up with mammoth pride and joy or if His heart bleeds for all those disappointments and cruelties that He witnesses.  He is love – so yes, He cannot escape, turn away, or avoid all that He loves. Holy love encompasses every essence of every being – worthy or unworthy, good and bad.

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