…Are You Forfeiting Your Life?

Recently, the subjects of excess money, spending on homes, convenience services, cars, vacations, luxuries, even huge savings accounts have been in my peripheral sidelight.  Seems like everyone around me has something brand new or cutting edge technology or buying a home or luxury item. I wonder how they do it? What sacrifices do they make to have all those things? Some sacrifice family and home. Others sacrifice a personal life of growth.  Some sacrifice financial peace. Most all sacrifice knowledge of God.

My success isn’t about the dollar sign, it is about accumulating knowledge about God and His purpose for me in my life.  My success is in sharing my abilities, love, and means with others. My success will be measured with a stick that no human on earth is able to see or understand. Yet my heart will be filled with immeasurable peace and joy. My relationship with God, for better or worse, is my success story.

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