Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust

As I sat in a pew today contemplating the burnt palms for ashes, sin and repentance, I suddenly realized that I have been transforming from within.  It’s been very difficult – and it will continue to be – because I am human. But thank God, I am His.

Prior to 7  years ago, I would not have been at mass for ashes – I would have wanted them – but would not have understood why or made the attempt to head to church.  Nor would I have understood the concept or symbolism of the powdery black ashes anointing my forehead. Every Lenten Season is an invitation to turn away from sin and turn towards Christ. Every Lenten Season is an opportunity to grow further in knowledge of God and what our faith means to us. Every Lenten Season is our transformation into living the Gospel throughout our lives by declaring we are His.

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